Construction and art – build an OrcFort

Building a fort for Orcs in the wild forest. Learn basic building skills. Do artwork. Some Larping photo shoots.

9-16 April 2023
Arrive on 9th
Leave on 16th

Where: Sweden, westcoast, close to Uddevalla

Travel and accommodation
6 days + 2 days travel
ALL paid for. Food, accommodation, activities and travel (up to a limit 275 euro).
17-30 years of age
Participants only from: Sweden, Poland, Ukraine

Apply here:

You will learn to:
– Use a hammer and a saw
– Build a palisade and a tower
– Work with natural materials such as wood and logs.
– Do some artwork
– Live simple
– Cook and bake
– Make a fire
– Reflect and share your experience and  feelings with others
– Make friends
– Enjoy wild nature

Day 1) 
Erasmus knowledge, GTKEO, fears and expectations, personal goals. Night walk. Fire night. Introduction to tools. Sharing #1
Day 2-5)
Building a fort for Orcs in the wild forest. Carpentry
Learn basic building skills.
– Do artwork. Paint tribal art on a gate.
– Move some logs and stones.
– Do artwork on a VAN
– Some Larping photo shoots.
– Fire and drumming in the Firedungeon
– Hot tub / Sauna
– Heat up the viking hall for meetings

Day 6)
Brunch and Sharing #3. Evaluation
Celebrate: fire night. Sharing #4

You can stay extra days if you want

– Life is simple here.
– Dry toilets (no normal toilets)
– Vegetarian food
– April is cold, we sleep with sleeping bags and blankets.
– Limited showers
– You must participate in the activities (but there are a variety to choose from).