s/y Bon Aventura

s/y Bon Aventura – 40 foot steel ketch long keel sailing boat
Home harbor; west coast Sweden

The Erasmusplus project.
Hastekasen Farm and adventure center is on occasion renting the sailing yacht Bon Aventura to use as an educational platform for Adventure learning and leadership training.
How can an adventurous situation enhance learning different competences? Everything from the obvious; boatmanship, sailing, navigation, mechanic and electrical skills. But also; team building, creativity, organizational skills, leadership. All done under very often stress full situations that have real risks and consequences. While living onboard there will also be development in communication, cultural skills, civic competence. Since the project is “open” there will be lots of documentation and story telling (inspiring others). And all the time – personal development; encouraging; curiosity, boldness, self awareness, entrepreneurship…

In the long term perspective s/y Bon Aventura will sail around the world.

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Ship data

Type: Carena Bonaventura 40
Sailing yacht, Ketch, Center cockpit
13.5 tons. Ballast 3.8 tonnes lead
Year of construction: 1973
Material: Steel
Length: 40.52 feet
Width: 11.98 feet
Draught: 5 feet (165cm)
Mast height; estimate 14 meters + antenna
Sail: Genua 12m front
Main sail: 11m x 4 m
General designer LEMSTRA Shipyard Jschtwerf Gouwerok
Hull; S-shaped
Hull colour white and blue.
deck colour; teak (2022) and white
Waterline length 1,350 cm
Water tank 600 Litre (steel)
Engine Perkins model M-4236
Serial number 236461692
Year 1973 Cylinders 4
Power 72 HP 54KW
Fuel: diesel
Shaft propulsion propeller
Cooling system indirect
Fuel tanks 600 liter (steel)
Generator; Ruggerini 2KW 1600W

The adventure learning method can off course be applied in many situations that are signified by: real live situations, with aspects of uncertainty, risk-reward, physical challenges, positive stress, accountability for personal actions, and often in nature. It is often signified by demanding full attention from the participant. It could be hiking in forest or mountain, canoeing, bicycling, different adventure sports – and on top of that adding situations with tuition/coaching/workshops. And situations of trial and error where applicable.
It implies not only learning practical specific skills, but a more holistic learning situation that also encompasses the competence aspect of “attitude”.
Sailing may seam like a inaccessible activity for most, but Sweden is known for its vast archipelagos that is accessible for anyone with a boat, and small boats can be very cheap in Sweden (if knowing where to look), if being able to overcome lack of equipment with skill.

Other partners:
Nausika, Gen-Ukraine, Jongilirium
Freediving FSE

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