Hastekasen Farm (HFA)

A collective – an association – a small scale farm

Depending on season here lives and visits a bunch of people (many during summer, few during winter). We are aiming for a self sustainable traditional homestead. In the future we hope that more of the inhabitants of this small valley will be able to work on location and make their living here, off the land and it´s resources.
We use ecological permaculture principles. The associations aim is to learn about and spread knowledge and skills regarding nature, ecosystems, small scale food production and natural building of small structures. Solving basic needs about: water, food, sewage, recycle, compost, warmth, shelter e t c. Our activities also include health and personal development and adventures in nature.
We are situated 1.5 hours north of Gothenburg, close to a fjord that leads to the north sea.

Our “green” approach is described here