About us

A collective – an association – a small scale farm

Depending on season here lives and visits a bunch of people (many during summer, few during winter). We are aiming for a self sustainable traditional homestead. In the future we hope that more of the inhabitants of this small valley will be able to work on location and make their living here, off the land and it´s resources.
We use ecological permaculture principles. The associations aim is to learn about and spread knowledge and skills regarding nature, ecosystems, small scale food production and natural building of small structures. Solving basic needs about: water, food, sewage, recycle, compost, warmth, shelter e t c. Our activities also include health and personal development and adventures in nature.
Let´s say we are more of green entrepreneurs than “hippies”, while still appreciating a drum session and some chanting by the fire and yoga in the grass.  This play is DRUGFREE, do not even smoke nicotine here. We are mostly vegetarian but sometimes eat what we slaughtered ourselves. Do not bring meat here. We aspire for health and personal development.
In order to gain freedom and independance we try to solve as many of our needs as possible, here on location. That means lots of work – creativity.
In order to keep costs down we live simple with outhouse dry toilets, short showers. Low standard. You may encounter mice, spiders and ants – they live here.
Please keep your phone away when you visit us – let´s try to keep our internet addiction down.
So, it is about holistic self sustainability, cheap solutions to basic needs, such as food, water, shelter, warmth, sewage e t c. We also appreciate handicraft and old traditional ways.
We share a main house and sleep in smaller sheds/wagons

Our “green” approach is described here
Are we self sustainable? Not really. Read more.

THE ASSOCIATION – Hastekasen Farm Association (HFA) # 802466-7506
Activities and objectives:

  • Develop small scale permaculture farming principles.
  • Develop small scale natural eco-building knowledge/skills.
  • Courses, workshops and study visits
  • Support the creation of a future small eco-village.
  • Activities that develops the understaning and appreciation of nature. Adventures and experiences that leads to personal development.

Permacultur and agroforestry principles. Small scale farming of fruit and berries and vegetables that can be “up scaled” when there is a demand.
Also forestry, producing firewood and building material.
And animals (bees, hens, sheep) experimenting with a holistic agriculture.
We have an interest in understanding traditional farming (pre oil area) and adding modern understanding and methods.
The farm sells: food, material, firewood… e t c to the collective, the association, the course center.