Canoe to nature reserve – Sweden

Hästekasen offers a canoe trip to the nearby nature reserve island - Kalvön (suitable for beginners).
The reserve is an island with hilly terrain that extend almost 100 meters above sea level. However, large parts of the island are easily accessible in valleys by easy-going trails. There is a fixed land connection with a walkway. The island can be paddled around (7km in total) or direct to a campsite where there is classical Swedish wind shed, fire wood and outhouse toilet. You can not raise a tent on the Kalvön, but on dry summer night you can sleep beneath the sky. Hästekasen have canoes for rental. We have four. And also two kayaks (which require experience to handle).
  • 400 skr (40 euro)/  24 hours (minimum 2 days)
    (2 days: 700:-). (3 days: 850:-)
  • Canoe (two people) (child can fit in the middle)
  • Two paddles
  • Two life wests
  • Map and good advice (regarding weather and wind)
  • Fresh water in canister.
  • Watertight bag for mobile phone.
  • Pre pay/book and deposit 100 euros.
  • Transport to and from the harbor.
  • This can be combined with overnight stay at Hästekasen adventure center.  
    Address: Hästekasvägen 6
  • Contact: